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only one bathroom for 3+ people



Two days ago, I came home from a short errand... Of course I had to pee again. I went straight to the bathroom...the door was closed.

Some of my son's friends who have come over in the past have left the bathroom door shut when they leave. Our family's habit is to leave the bathroom door open when leaving there...our two cat's water and food dishes are in the bathroom. So I lightly knocked on the door and no answer. I really had to pee so I didn't wait long....I turned the doorknob.... My 20 yearold son was on the throne for his daily constitutional which usually takes him anywhere from 20-40 minutes. He was livid to say the least...started swearing at me and slammed his fist into the door several times now there's a hole in the door. Hubbycomes and begins screaming(at the son) but I was in the way so here I was with the two men in my life screaming viciously at me.. I wanted to run away. Son should have locked the bathroom door.

Anyway, life goes on and there seems to be a calm today.

Unfortunately, I should have left hubby long ago because of his temper...and son has learned to be abusive like his dad.

I pray that somehow both of my guys learn to throttle their tempers and be gentlemen. Neither one had a good example to learn from.

Kim, can I come live with you if this happens again?


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Is there any kind of counceling available at your church? Your husband has taught your son poor anger management---or I should say---no angerment techniques. That's not going to go away on its own. Well, we've had this conversation before....


I couldn't live in a house with three people and one toilet! I have IBS, same as you, and I have to pee just about every half hours besides. Don used to kid me that I knew where every unlocked church and public restroom was in the city because I'm always looking for them. I sure understand the stress that puts on you to deal with the lack of a second bath in the house. Any chance of converting a closet to a 1/4 bathroom?



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i can think of no better roomate than you!!! we could pool our resources and get a three bedroom 2.5 bath house. one bedroom for each of us, one bedroom for the cats ( all seven of ours combined and probably a new kitten as well) one bath each for us, and a 1/2 bath for the kitties.


i have never mentioned it before, but my hubby has a bad temper and been abusive in the past, mostly verbal. but he hits stuff too. the only time he messed up and grabbed me around the throat i cold cocked between the eyes and broke his glasses, hasn't happened since.he has police reports because he actually hit a kitchen worker in the nose ( kid was 17)and ripped the apron off of a waitress he had fired because she wouldn't give him her order book, so i understand that part.


i don't think the one bath is the issue. we too have one bath and while it is a disaster, it's not the underlying problem. i detest sharing a bath with them because i like mine clean and organized and well stocked. i HATE it when they use the last of the toilet paper and don't put a new one on. i HATE the multitudes of crap they keep in the shower when one bottle of shampoo should be enough. it is ALWAYS falling down in the tub when i'm trying to take a shower.


so, if you get rid of him, let me know. question, are we going to live with the pigs, cows and corn, or with the rednecks, rebel flags and chicks with big hair? lol, oh yeah, and our pig farm too?it's a nice fantasy though!!!!!



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