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I have been thinking a lot lately of my favorite sounds, I will share with you a list.


1. My husband unlocking the front door after he has been to work. That means he got home safely from his commute from work.

2. My daughter laughing, and playing as she jumps on her trampoline.

3. The knock on our back door, signifying the neighbor kids want to play with daughter.

4. The sound of the ice cream truck running through the neighborhood in the summer.

5. The special ring our telephone sounds when my sister is calling.

6. Sound of sleep

7. Sounds of the country night, grasshoppers,frogs,etc. singing their night song.

8. The sound of cartoons being on the t.v.,because this means I am a Mommy and have a child in the house.

Sounds I do not like:

1. Unexpected knocks at the front door.

2. Sound of the phone ringing late at night

3. Sirens of any type of Emergency vehicle

4. Whiney children

5. Dog whiney at the back door ready to come inside.

Well that is all.



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I found the good sounds part very relaxing to read, could almost hear them. The bad sounds made me tense up just reading. Good choices.


PS. I was sitting on my back deck just the other night listening to the frogs sing, sounded like a million of them.

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Amy :


that was beautiful list you come out as such a loving andcaring mommy. its so beautiful that it makes me think abou all other things\



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what a neat idea for a blog. i'm gonna write one like it mine!!!







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