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i have been married three times, four if you count the one that got annulled.



1) for pure love, albeit immature cloud9.gif


2) for security. way too older man, tried to be my dad, already had one angry.gif


3) for fun. he was fun allright. quit his state job of 15 years 2 months after we married, totally irresponsible cocktail.gif


4) for intelligence. turns out he aint all that smart and more annoying than the first three put together. ohmy.gif


SO, what am i doing wrong in choosing a husband? i have given it some thought and think that i am WELL qualified at this point in my life to think about what it is in a husband that i really want. i am going to play victor frankenstein and create my ideal man. that way, whenever i meet him, IF ever i meet him, i'll know what i'm looking for, ASSUMING he exists. head_hurts.gif



1) he would have to be my best friend first. i would have to totally connect with him as a friend before any dating ritual could begin


2) he would have to be intelligent


3) he'd have to be sensitive


4) he'd have to be in my age group. i don't need a daddy and i SURE don't want to RAISE a husband.


5) i would have to be able to trust him


6) he'd have to love cats


7)he would have to share a similar sense of humor with me


8) he would have to be "amorous"


ok, i don't think that's such a demanding list for one man to possess these required qualities to have the honor of becoming #5.


oh yeah, i gotta get rid of the one i've currently got before i can start looking.

oh well, at least i know now what i am looking for in a husband. what took me so long to figure it out i wonder. another thought, MAYBE i wasn't meant to be married at ALL and should just wind up a lonley old lady with 20 cats to keep me company. maybe.







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this was hilarious, your blogs r always funny and sometime scary, i guess i should not judge anybody by their cover


but i learnt valuable lesson in lifeused to be always unhappy about my marriage, but after stroke i realised its not he who have changed its me who hav e changed, in life we get whatever we r destined to, instead of finding faults in it, we can make best out of what we got, there might be so many faults within us, and if we all just get along then there won't be any broken homes



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Ah, the memories.


I can remember after my 3rd engagment ended I said "That's enough! No more dating, no more romance! It is just me and my cat from here on out!" I also made a list of all the qualities I wanted in a mate, just in case I decided to start dating again.


That was good for a few months. Then one night I got bored and found a chat room I liked and started visiting it regulary. One night the topic got onto dating and the differences in guys and girls. A newby came into the group and started ranting and raving. I gave the newby some of my perspectives, and we went into private chat to talk, since it seemed we were the only two on the same level when it came to the topic. When we said our goodnights, we added each other to our buddy lists on MSM. Well over the next few months a strong online friendship formed. It got scary when it turned out that two people who had decided to give up on love for a while were starting to fall in love. It wasn't something either of us wanted, but it happened. To add a bonus each of us matched the other's "ideal partner" list to the letter. That was almost 5 years ago, and in August we're celebrating our 4th wedding aniversary.


The point? Make you list, stick to your guns, and don't settle. You can be perfectly happy by yourself. Once you realize that you don't need a hubby, then fate has a way of sending one your way that meets and excedes what you truly want.


And on a personal note. Don't want to raise a hubby? I'm 15 years younger than Kathy, and truth be told I tend to be more parental in the relationship then she does. It's a maturity thing I guess. Some people never grow up, while others grow up too fast. Me and Kathy have an inside joke. I'm mature for my age, and she's immature for her we meet somewhere in the middle.




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