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bump on the head



I hate it when my daughter gets hurt,she freaks out over small things, and I never know if she is quawling and bawling over a scratch or gash. Tonight was a good reason to cry. She was sitting in the floor playing,very calmly. She shook her head as if to get the hair out of her eyes and hits her head on the corner of the coffee table. I see it happen, and I know that it was a good knock on the back of her skull. I don't react,just wait to see if she is going to cry or shake it off. Well,being tired and cranky b/c her friends couldn't play today, made her accident an emotional release. I scoop her up as best I can with one arm and a weak one,and check to see if she is bleeding. Nope no blood yet. I continue to soothe her as she leans her head against my chest. She is still crying uncontrollable,so I say,"Go over and see your Daddy." Who was sitting on the other side of room. Ofcourse Daddy finds blood,and she freaks out,as if she was beheaded, Daddy cleaned her up,we can't even see an open spot where blood would come from, just a tiny scrape on top of a goose egg. I put some antibacterial ointment on it. Her head is all greasy now. I gave her some pain meds. I think that this episode is a good excuse for her to skip bath time tonight and wash her hair another day. I think I may have created a drama queen when she gets hurt,b/c when she was iddy biddy, I would be anxious about her bumps and scrapes. If I have another one,I would be not so quite a neurotic parent about bumps and scrapes. "You live and learn" I am tired and sleepy. I hope that is the end of excitement for our house today. Now hubby is at work,and I get to play crippled nurse. smile.gif

-cya Amy


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