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Star wars night



Ah, there is nothing like having a good old star wars night, to get ready for the new movie coming out in May. My hubby is not a big fan like some who are nerdy,and the force is with them,but he has been talking about watching it, with our daughter all week. He had her all excited about the movie,and she lasted almost an hour, then wanted to start talking. smile.gif I had lunch today with a fake friend of mine, which I need to start a separate blog about fake friendships/fair weather friends. I ask myself. Why do I go through the motions of being her friend? Or is it entertainment for me to listen to the ridiculous situations she gets herself and her family into? I think that is it! I will blog about it when my mind is clearer. I mentioned to my in-laws,that I was going to have a yard sale,and they called last night with their dining room full of things for me to sale if I wanted to. My brain is mush from pricing stuff in the garage. I am not a big yard sale person. This will only make my 2nd one to have. I went on a cleaning and purging binge the other day,and thought"My golly, I have enough to have a yard sale." My daughter has out grown a lot of her big chunky plastic toys,which take up lots of room. I hope to get rid of those,whatever is not sold is getting hauled off to Goodwill. (My husband is wanting me to do that instead of having the yard sale. I think that the yard sale will be good "thought organization therapy" for me,and who can be upset with having some extra cash in your pocket?

Blog later-Amy


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