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It's over, Thank God.



I'm not going to tell you it was a wonderful party. I went home in tears at 8:00, the party lasted until a little after 2:30 in the morning. The mugs went over great, the cake was beautiful, and there was more than enough food for four army's. I even had a beer, and I hate beer.


By 8:00 I was very, very tired, the party had started at 1:00. Just entertaining for that amount of time can make you tired. Of course, when I get tired I have terrible word retrival problems. So as the night wore on, I had more trouble putting together a sentence without stumbling over the words. I finally whispered to J, "don't get arrested tonight - have fun - I'm going home to bed." Leaving was not as easy as I thought, as everybody who saw me pick up my purse, had to question me.


My sister in law sent me out the door in tears. "Just because your tired gives you no right to ruin Jerry's party!" CHRIST, there were 50 people there and I had every right and J's blessing to leave! I wasn't ruining his party, we're married for God's sake, if he wants to "party" with me, I'm always here. I just started to cry, totally involutarily and left.


Since Ryan could see my right leg was drooping and my right hand wasn't looking great either, he rode the three blocks home with me, made sure I was in bed and walked back to the party.


They had a great time - I'll never do this again. The absolute kicker came at breakfast. My brother in law John, said we picked up the whole tab last night, we know you guys can't afford it. OK, I'm not the Vice President of Parke Davis but, I can certainly afford to throw my husband a birthday party. You don't have any idea how much that ticked me off, but, I couldn't talk to Jerry about it at that time and if I had let myself get angry at the restaurant, I would have set half of Madison on it's ear! I was polite. I smiled. And I made sure we picked up the breakfast tab for 13 people.


I guess I got off rather cheaply come to think of it -


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You're sister-in-law has zero tact or brains for saying that to you....and she probably doesn't know her brother half as well as she thinks she does. Try to focus on the parts of the party that were fun and did go well.


Most people as far out from a stroke as you are wouldn't have even attempted what you did in arranging that party. You did nothing wrong in leaving early under the circumstances and you know it.



Don't let the turkeys get you down!



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poor vicki,


i am SO glad that this is over, as i am sure that you are. entertaining is exhaustive, even if you have never had a stroke. i have not entertained since mine for the very reasons you have mentioned. i hope you get that much needed rest you so richly deserve.




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hey Vicky:


I am glad party went good for you, don't focus on your sis-in-law's comment she might not have meant it that way, sometime peole says something, you jst have to ignore it, there is saying in Indian thing, dogs bark but elephant walks by as a King.

Focus on good things they came from all over the US to join in party, thought about your financials also, those r good things. and ur son is so nice, he walks you back home, how old is he? I hope my kido stays like that.




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hi glad your party is over sounds like you did a super job of planning it and if Ms. know it all doesn't like it tell her to ask your hubby if he had fun..... that's all thats all that matters any way... keep up the good work and give your self a big star...treat. yourself and hubby to special treat you deserve it .... some people have no tact///////

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These are for you. flowers.gifflowers.gif I'm so proud of you for your husband's birthday party. I KNOW what 'torture' you went thru to plan, make arrangements, attend, and whatever else. You did fine. As I always said "I do my best and God does the rest."


On the good side, were you pleased with the people that attended (regardless of their reaction)? Were you pleased with the food provided, mugs that were made, choice of beer and wine? Was there ANY detail that was left undone, on your part? Yes, planning a party IS hard. It takes alot out of you because stroke survivors DO GET TIRED ! ! !


As far as your relatives, your sister-in-law had no compassion for you. Your brother-in-law was just as bad. MAYBE they were feeling guilty BECAUSE they PROMISED to help, but didn't. Then when they attended, and saw how you 'put your heart and soul' into this party, THEY FELT PRETTY GUILTY. So, you should give them your thanks, in this way -- bop.gifbop.gifbop.gif


Yes Vicki, the party is over. Now you can relax. Fill the tub with some Calgon, light a few candles, put on some soft music. And think of how your husband has the most thoughtful wife.


Sweet Dreams,



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Vikcki, as far as I'm concerned, you are Wonderwoman.

I was 47 when I stroked, Hubby was 48, so when he turned 50, my brain didn't even register that I should give him a party. One of his friends planned and executed a party for him at the Eagles Club in town(which precluded family from attending...tea tooddlers). For this I was/am extremely grateful.

But then again, even prestroke I wasn't much of a domestic diva or party planner. Just dumb that way.

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