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Doggie accident



I accidently hurt my dogs paw tonight. I was bent down pouring food into her bowl,and she came up behind me, and I turned around and stepped on her paw. I didn't even feel her paw when I stepped on it. I feel horrible. My husband thought we should take her to the 24hr. vet hospital. WE decided on ibuprophen and wait until morning to see how she is acting. She will let me touch her paw,but whines real soft to let me know that it does hurt. She was sitting up in her Kennel holding her paw up.

She is only 5 yrs old and we are her 3rd owners. sad.gif Her Kennel is her safety net, and the only thing that has been consistant in her life.


I hate people who get animals and then decide they are too much trouble, and give them away. They is how my parents and family are! Not good pet owners! They are to their cows and goats, but They are, only b/c they are an investment. I grew up with dogs/cats and they never took them for shots or the vet for anything growing up! No wonder I always got ringworm from my cat growing up. My parents are also the kind who never control the pet population by spaying/nuetering their animals and help feed the fire to all of our homeless pets out there on death row.


Anytime our dogs/cats got real sick as a child they would take them out into the woods ans shoot them. No need for a vet! I guess that is how you get when you are born and raised in a red-neck small town in the country. They only left their town to go to college, then came back and settled down there.


My husband would love to live in a place where you cannot see your neighbors,and can go outside to shoot a gun if you like. I personally love living in our neighborhood/subdivision with codes and ordinances that everyone has to follow. It makes everything look and stay nice and neat.



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