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A Different Path



Big sigh. This morning I went and looked at the apartments that were available here in my rural little town. I saw three. Now some of you may be saying, what happened to the barn? Well it would seem that to the spouse having a year to renovate the barn is better cost effectively and time wise. So he went to the local realtor and set up the appointment for this morning to see the apartments.

Well the first one I saw is on Main Street in a newly renovated old gingerbread victorian. It has been tastefully renovated. It has a floor to ceiling bay window, with soaring ceilings and spacious rooms. It is very light and bright, all one level and I can have Petety the Pom, don't know about Stockings the cat. The apartment is situated at the back of the building so the street noise is muted. Oh yeah and the bay window has a stunning view of the Catskill Mountians.That one is $975.00 a month, heat included. I liked that apartment because at one time I used to love anything from the victorian era. Then I went to the next place that was available, it was a renovated barn that was "funky" according to Patty, the realtor.So we go up to the newly renovated funky barn.The kitchen was retro 40's with a bit of modern urban thrown in to keep it interesting. Off the kitchen is a huge living/bed room with no heat except a propane stove. Upstairs the loft had a Hammock swing and a massive Palladian window with skylights and another propane stove, but the stairs were steep and a rail on one side. Also the bathroom had a clawfoot tub. Something I always desired highly pre stroke, but post it was no good to me.... So that place was out, plus it was damp and would cost a fortune to heat, let alone it wasn't insulated enough. Plus it was $1100 a month, nothing included..... so that was out. I can't afford funk these days. So I am leaning towards the first apartment, now Patty has an exclusive on it, so she said if there is any serious interest, she'll let me know. Plus she is waiving her fee. We used her to buy this house, and haave gotten her other listings over the years and she said, of course I would waive my fee for you. So that is helpful. Another example of what goes around comes around.

I need to get used to the idea of living someplace else, I'll be the first tenant in there. I'll be starting on a different path in my life.




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The Victorian sounds wonderful - I'd love to live in a renovated Victorian with a view like that! It's also a good thing that it will take a year to fix up the barn, it gives you time to have everything you want!

We have to go way out of town to even find victorian homes, and they cost a fortune! You've got a real deal there!


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Hi Pam,


The victorian sounds like a dream apartment, if all your stars line up right money wise and other things we've discussed.


Good luck! I know this would be both exciting and scary to start a new life, but you're up to the adventure.



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