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A DEATH sentence



sad.gif They are fighting against my neurologist who says that I should be given a desk job and avoid physical exertion.

I can't see myself running around like a chicken with it's neck cut off as my nurses's aide caregiver job. I had a stroke BECAUSE of the stress and I was at the end of my rope.

I will not be able to keep up with the work and the psychological demands, the strain, (not to mention that I could not take anti-inflammatory medication because I'm on coumadin) I remember having constant lower back pain doing my work. I mean the WORK is VERY HARD. I feel I cannot go back. I really don't understand why the company neurologist is contesting. This IS reason to PANIC...I am afraid what this is going to do to my health. I feel this should NOT be happening head_hurts.gifnono.gif

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Hi Vanillamoon,


I'm not surprised that the company doctor is ruling in favor of the people who put food on his table. It's a very common story from people trying to get on disability or change jobs. Try not to let it stress you any more than you already are and prepare yourself for a long-haul fight.



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