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They will have me starting work on Monday May 2nd on half day basis doing what I need to do as a nursing aide. Heavy patient lifting, situations where many things are going on at the same time and you have to deal with. Running around to meet the needs, respond to, give care, bathing, support.

I spoke to the secretary of my neurologist and she just basically responded to go get help with a psychologist. Means she won't be fighting for me. I also learned that if I refuse to go back to work that an arbitrary doctor will evaluate the 2 reports and decide which one stands. If I lose, I have to repay the salary they will have paid me during this process.

LIFE IS SO HARD what's the use? 8 months of recovery after a stroke by carotid dissection seems barely enough to regain my strength and now I will be spending it on physical exertion. My blood pressure isn't even stabilized!

The Dr. that evaluated me is CRUEL. I feel so helpless.


I almost feel like the ending of my life is beginning. That's how it feels inside.

I really need to say it like it is, this is why I am posting this.


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i KNOW how you feel. no one in my family offered to help me financially ( and MANY of them are capable of having done so) after my stroke. i went back to work less than two months after mine. i have NO MEMORY of feb04 till about september 04, but worked all the while.


clients don't care. they act as if i am still the same "go getter" as before, even though they KNOW the situation. i have to walk around properties in the heat, climb up in attics and crawl around in basements. NONE of my co-workers, except one ever offered to help me. i still fall down alot, no one notices.


we don't necessarily need a psychiatrist , we need some compassion and understanding. my dr is cruel too. i hope you don't have the same problem with others in your life like i do. i hope they "rule" in your favor. my thoughts are with you.



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I guess y will have to let them know y can't do job by going back

and trying.

My neurologist would not sign for my disability, not even temporarily,

and I'm going for PFO with no income.

We had to sell our new home and move to an older rental, that has been devastating for me.

I hope my GP will agree that I can't work yet.

I paid into long term disability for 25 years and it seeems difficult to

get .

My neurologist told me going back to work is my problem to deal with,

not his.

The cardiologist said I could go back to work 2 days after procedure


None are supportive.

I guess we have a constant battle with Drs.

I would be faced with same problems as you if I were to return to work

as i worked as a nurse on busy, heavy medical unit.


Take Care

Good luck


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