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vet diagnosis




being an obsessive person, I had to make an appointment for my baby to see the vet, and when my hubby is concerned about Shelby's health, that makes me think that I am not over reacting as much as I think I am. Our dog Shelby has chronic allergies,which she takes daily Rx meds for, she has a cough, had a breathing attack the other night, which almost caused stroke #2, and she is just not acting like Shelby. The vet diagnosed fluid on her chest, that could be caused from 1. Allergies, or 2. Heart Disease! The breathing attack is nothing to be concerned about. Or the tumor growth on her chest,is very common nothing to worry about. She put Shelby on some Rx Prednidsone to see if it clears up her cough and rattling chest, if not, she will need to be sedated and have a chest x-ray to rule out heart disease.


Shelby doesn't even get table scraps, she is only 5 yrs old, but her breeders were very irresponsible and breed a lot of health problems into these poor dalmatains. On our way home from the vet, we stopped by the local pet store and I bought Shelby her favorite treat, pig ears! I feel so sorry for her, and do not want to see her suffer. Or see our daughter see the dog get sick from a bad heart,like her mommy got sick from her heart.


Now is the true mental therapy for me

1. Be sure I take all of my daily meds

2. Make sure Shelby takes her meds every 12hrs.

3. I know how I can remember Shelby's medicine: I take my Zyrtec- D every 12 hrs. and will start her medicine when I take my next scheduled dose.

I am glad that is all of the family members meds I am responsible for.smile.gif


Shelby is laying on my feet as I type, sleeping,our outing really pooped her out. It is so embarrassing when I take her to the vet b/c she freaks out and I have to leave the room, and they have to get all of their staff to help hold her just to take her temp.

My hubby used to work on his grandparents farm with cattle as a teenager, and was used to holding down calfs when vaccinated, or help deliverying calfs.it is a circus around our house just when it is time to clip paw nails, he can barely hold her down. I am surprised the neighbors haven't called the pet police on us.

I have got to think positive about Shelby's health, and hope her lung prob. is due to allergies. I am counting on Shelby as my main companion when my daughter goes off to Kindergarten.

I just had to write, not to get sympathy, but b/c I needed to talk about it. I will let you know about her progress. I do understand that there are others out there who would give there leg to only have a sick dog instead, of spouse,child,etc.


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I'm a doggie mommy too. Taking my little one to the vet was always hard on me. He understood and often took her to the back. Maybe not nice of me but I didn't need to have another stroke there. Moved far away and my dog goes to a new vet- I miss the old one so, I went there for over 40 years- 2 generations. They are top notch too. In fact, I was supposed to go 2 days after my stroke. Left town the next day and was going to write a letter of explanation but never got to it. Oh, she's a 6-7 lb. chihuahua and 11 years old. That scares me. I'm not lucky age-wise.

Hope your "baby is ok and hope it's just allergies. I know abouth doggie asthma may work for you too. Just rub her chest or gently on the throat. Happens to short muzzle dogs a lot.


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