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Am I that obvious that I am disabled?



Okay, I know I have had a stroke, and don't actively use my left hand as much as the right, and my walking is different, but I wonder what I look to the outside world?

When we go out in public, I love having my daughter along with me, b/c I tell her to hold Mommy's sick arm/hand that way it doesn't flop when I walk

plus, my vet asked me if my dog was only a companion dog. I took that as an insult, b/c he thought it was a special needs dog! Don't Special needs dog usually wear a vest saying that they are a working dog?

I want to have a shirt made that says:

Hi! Yes, I do look different because I had a stroke!

1. I was once paralyzed

2. I had to relearn how to walk

3. Yes, I am young to be a stroke survivor!

4. Please don't stare at me!


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i have a similar yet completely different problem, in a way. they are both unpleasant, however. i LOOK completely "normal", but i have brain damage. no one can see it, yet even the one's i KNOW, and who know about it, act as if it isn't so.


when i reask the same question, or retell the same story, or say" i bet i'd like that movie" i am treated very poorly by my loved "so called" ones. they get nasty and say YOU JUST TOLD ME THAT, or SURE YOU'D LIKE THAT MOVIE, WE WATCHED IT LAST WEEK". and for people who don't know, they act nasty to me when i space out. like at the grocery store if they have said my total, i might just stand there in space when they want me to swipe the card. MAM, SWIPE CARD PLEASE.


i forget to pay bills and pay some twice. this makes my husband VERY ANGRY. i have asked for his help and he just says"you could do it if you would just THINK". our strokes have both robbed us of some of the respect and dignity we once had, only in different ways. i just wanted you to know that even though we are different, we are the same, and i feel your pain.


my t-shirt would read







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cocktail.gif Amy, It's that time in the night to have a drink. I've recently had a second stroke, and the printed shirt idea is great. javascript:emoticon(':roflmao:')

smilie LOL. I'm new at this replying and in a message board. Now I don't have to really drink, cause I look (in my eyes) like I'm drunk. Oh, I've had memory loss too. It's the darnest when I'm not able to spell simple words, but typing is another hurdle I'm crossing over. It's all in are minds what we think we look like to the outside, what maters is feeling good on the inside. Jeannie

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hi I know you feel self conscious of your stroke ...try not to think about it as I'm sure that not everybody can tell you have a problem... as for those people who get annoyed when you ask the same question they can not understand your situation because they haven't been trained to deal with the way you have changed... I know that sometimes my hubby asks the same question over and cover again and at times I don't realize that he has forgotten what was just said... keep your chin up and I know things will improve I'll pray for you tonite

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