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The Shy Little Goldfish



The shy little goldfish swam all alone

Flipping it's fins in frustration while hiding in the reeds


Flaring it's gills at it's doubts and fears

That kept it isolated and hiding


The shy little goldfish wanted so much

To be like all the other goldfish that lived in the pond


She wanted to swim in the open water

Sun herself and feed with the crowd


But she was unable to summon forth the courage

To leave the safety of the reeds


Awaiting the night so she could feed


The little goldfish was feeling so bad

That she was considering stranding herself upon the shore

And let suffocation ease her fears and doubts


As she would be of more use as food

For some passing raccoon

And be of use to ease it's hunger if only for one meal


The shy little goldfish didn't believe

That one small goldfish could have a purpose or

Make a difference in it's watery world


There would be no torn fins upon her passing

As new fry hatch everyday


No gap would appear among the school

Because she didn't choose to stay


She knew only the safe haven of the water reeds

And the darkness of the night


So scales for fins would matter no less

If the reeds were abandoned

By one little fish


Another goldfish would take it's place


The reeds could care less

Which fish was hiding among them



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