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V1.1 of stlog ready



I want to say thanks to everyone who already has sent me input on the database I'm working on. I just posted the latest version to the web.


In addition to blood glucose monitoring, the database now can print out customizable meal charts based on general calorie and personal dietary needs.

It basically tells you for your needs you should consume X servings of X type of foods, and also includes a chart of what constitutes a serving in each group.


Next update, I'm going to try to include a dietary diary. I know Kathy's dietician wants me to keep one. Also plan on adding alarm settings so you can make sure to eat at the right time, and take your medicines at the right time.


As I said befor, this is a Microsoft Access database, and you need to have Microsoft Access (97 or later) installed to run it. Please keep sending to suggestions and feedback if you try it. Both good and bad are appreciated. I started making this database for me and Kathy, but would be delighted if others found it usefull.




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