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sad days



Having a hard time finding a house to rent here in pueblo. Things are getting hard around the house. I havent seen jack in two weeks. My headaches are better but my heart ache is growing stronger. thiings between me and me and my son dont look so good. we just need our own place.


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hi diana:


maybe you should consider renting apartment till you find house such that there is no strain between your son & you.




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Hi Diana,


Perhaps you could get a six month lease at an apartment. Sorry to hear things are "touchy" with you and your son; sometimes that happens when a parent and a grown child are living under one roof after you've both been on your own.

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I am sorry to hear things are strained between you and your son... As other's have said maybe you could find a nice apartment, or duplex for awhile.

so you can look around. maybe finding something with a month to month. or as donna said a 6 mnth lease.


I hope things look up soon for you.



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I really dont know the Pueblo area that well. I am sorry it was not every thing you dreamed it to be. I wonder if some distance is not often the way to keep things. Close enough but not too close? Good Luck hunting for that special place to call home. Karen

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Sorry to hear about your relationship problems with your son. But, yes a little space for each of you will probably solve your problems. Just give yourself time and find a place for yourself.


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