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we have a new friend



We have a squarel friend that we feed, we call him charlee. He might be a she. We give it walnuts every day and it is so cute to see it scamper up to the pile of wood and get its walnuts. I think it is so cute. There is as an imposter charlie that will come up to the glass door but the real charlie will only go up to the pile of wood. My husband thinks charlie might actualy be a mommy. and it might be her two babies that come up and get food also. It is so cute when they rest on the rocks, they spread out their legs and just rest as if they don[t have a care in the world. I love it. I is the highlight of my day when they come by. :D


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How cute Diana. When my Mom and Stepdad lived in GA, Mom had a squirrel that came daily for her walnuts. Mom saw her through 6 pregnancies and baby's. Sweetie would come up on their deck and even climb the screen on the door to the deck to wait for Mom to come to her.

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Yes, I love being able to feed "our babies'. I think one is a mommy or going to be a mommy, she has a belly on her. I love feeding our little family, it is the hight of my day. We have three now that I know of. Makes me warm and fuzzy inside.

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They got feeders at walmart you use to make them get used to your porch or patio if you want them in closer. They will scratch you, be careful but will eat out of your hand I'm told by customers who came in to buy food for them.

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My Mom got Sweetie to take Walnuts from her hand. Chris in VA also has a visiting squirrel and he/she will take a whole peanut from his hand. So far, I've not made "friends" with my neighborhood squirrels although they do curiously watch me in my power chair.

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its so cute. now we have 5 friends. i dont know if they are all part of a family or just random spuerrels, but it is nice watching them all scamper about at the same time waiting for their turn for food. sometimes there is a bit of dominate fighting going on but for the most part they take their turns. I love wild life.

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Well I have a couple that will come up to about three or so feet up to me to get a peanut from me. I just toss a peanut to them and they will hurry up and get the peanut and run away. It is so cute. I love my little babies. :Jammin:

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