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I went and saw Gunter



Many won't know who Gunter (Smurf) is. He's been a member here for along time, he was a mentor, a chat host and a friend to all....and close friend for 20 years.... he doesn't come to the board anymore.


He's had a set back. He's got congestive heart and just had a stint installed ( makes us sound like a CAR DOESN'T IT...INSTALLED). His sight is slowly going and is his memory, I think I'm slowly loosing my friend.


With the stroke, diabetes, and now the heart problems it still doesn't stop him from being happy every day. I'm going to see him more often, I've got more memories to make with him. You never realize what you've got until you don't have it any more.... I'm glad I realized it now.






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hey Stu:


I remember gunter. I am glad you are going to meet him more often now. he might not remember but tell him Asha said hi




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stu, its good you are seeing gunter more often now. it will give him good memories too and shows him that you really care about him. seeing friends and family go downhill is always a tough thing to watch but you never know, he might rebound and get better. my mother had CHF too and lived for many years with it. i hope he does get better and can go home let us know how he is doing.our prayer warriors here have been praying for him. i wish him all the best.

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Hi Stu, Thank You So Much for the update on OUR dear dear Smurf.. Please tell him Hello... and I am sending him a big smurfy HUG ... from Bonnie.. Smurf was a Host when I first joined SN.. you are a ggod friend, and I know Smurf will enjoy the visits.





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