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Learning to wait.....







There is value in learning to wait upon the Lord.


Waiting can help you prepare for when the opportunity actually becomes available for your choosing. As you endure, steer clear of judging your process, which can distract and waste an opportunity.


Trust your process, knowing it is bringing you experiences and blessings that are important in the timing that is best for you.


- John Morton


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thanks Jan.... it certainly is something to absorb and "practice"....


you are right, we waste so much energy worrying about what might and could happen that sometimes we miss the opportunity to "act" or appreciate the positiveness of what is happening.... lol....


Patience is definately a virtue..



hugs Anne


Ps I have missed your posting lately, hope all is well.

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Jan, I still think you been peeking at my doctors notes to me? He just told me Friday about learning to wait by saying this...Fear less, hope more;

Eat less, chew more;

Whine less, breathe more;

Talk less, say more;

Hate less, love more;

And all good things are yours!...Just wait and see.

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