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how I feel tonight

doreen payne


anyway at the moment I am really down.

I need all my top teeth out and a denture in. anyway my aunt (Robyn) is a control freak and ring me up and upset me. my uncle was going to help with the dentures and stuff but my aunt told me that I can pay for the dentures and stuff my self. Robyn and Warren (my uncle) are sister and brother.

I have bad week - lots of traveling, and things going wrong. need to catch up on my sleep.

on the plus side my specialist said that I going well and have to go back in 12 months and mri's too then.

anyway that's about all for now.


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Doreen there is supposed to be money available for dental programs for the disabled so ring your local member's office and ask how you apply.


Families can be wonderful when they are supportive and really hurtful when they are not. Sorry you have to go through all of this.



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Sorry you're having a bad go of things right now. Hang in, things do tend to turn around and look up.

Hope you'll be feeling better in no time and don't forget we're here for you.

Maria :friends:

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hi Doreen:


welcome to our wonderful world of blogging. I am sorry today is not going well for you, but things will improve. keep the faith & keep on marching. I also have 12 year old son. & I am so greatful for having young son in my life at the time of my stroke. hope to get to know you more through your blogs. I have found blogging very therupetic.




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