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a new day

doreen payne


I feel better now. I had a big sleep and that helped. Didn't go to exercises as I have the flu and sinus affection.

I told my cousin about this site as she had a stroke 6 months ago. Hope she pops in!

Steffi is asleep and Lily's not here at the moment. She's in Eugowra for the school holidays.

It's my anniversary for the 1 st stroke in December. So much has changed!!!!! I'm glad that I'm alive and have the girls here with me.

I remember after the 2 second stroke I couldn't figure out what the remote controller was for. It took me long time to remember how to work it and watch tv. Lots of things like that happened.

1 st stroke only affected my arm while the 2nd stroke affected my arm, leg and mouth. the second stroke was worse than the 1st one.

They didn't pick up the 1st stroke and the 2nd stroke my dr looked at me and a few tests but I wasn't diagnosed until 3 weeks later at the specialist. I wasn't very happy about that. after the specialist I was in hospital for 2 days only and then sent home.

I tell everyone about the warning signs now.

I was at the hospital, drs, etc everyday (asking them to help me) between 1st and 2nd stroke because I knew something was wrong - they didn't listen to me. Thank God the specialist listened to me!!!!!

Hey I'm glad I'm still here and I can be here with everyone.


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Hi Doreen, We are all glad you are still here with u I'm glad you finally got threw

a doctor that something was wrong. Yes now you know the warning signs, but so should

the doctors.

Every day is a new day for all of us. To open our eyes and take a nice deep breath is a good thing. Glad to hear your feeling better.


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hey Doreen:


I am glad today is better day for you. I am glad you are still here with the loved ones & friends. your purpose on earth is not done yet you still need to see your girls grow up & get married. as one of my friend on SN used to say we all survived for a reason & not as punishment.




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Yes, your life sound like fun. So much to do and experience yet. It is too bad the doctors don't listen and are not aware. I was describing to William how the TPA that he got did not seem to work. But, they also did not give it to him ASAP. He waited fro 2-1/2 hours to get it. We mentioned it to them also.

But, yes recovery is a long hard process. But, so rewarding!


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