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Busy Time



Well it's been busy around here this week. I saw a new Nero Dr on Monday and she is sending me for PT on my shoulders to see if that will help with the headaches, she is also sending me to the pain clinic to see about pain shots in the nerves at the base of the neck to see if that will help with the headaches, she also changed my headache meds, she is also sending me for Botox in me hand on Oct 26. :Clap-Hands: My therapist has bee trying to get the physical therapy Dr to do that for a while now.


I started the HBOT this week as well I go 5 days a week Tuesday thru Sat for 90 mins each time. I lay in the chamber and watch a DVD while I get the treatment, I only have to do some ear popping exercises the first 10 mins and the last 10 mins, other that that you just lay there. :Zzzz: I will go for 40 treatments in all ending at the end on Nov.


Over this past weekend the Saebo people were in town and my therapist had me meet with them to adjust the brace. I it is now working better. Once I have the Botox, and the Tone calms down some more we should be doing great. :big_grin: Now that the cold weather is here and with the Med changes the tone in my hand has been very bad. So far the HBOT has not helped the tone,but has not made it worse either.


I saw a new GI Dr on Wed, he ordered a bunch on lab work to try and find out why my IBS is no longer under control. It was before the stroke, but it has not been after the stroke.



As I said it's been busy and will continue to be busy for the next two months as I do the HBOT, PT, OT, Dr appt. and tests. Oh yea and use the Saebo brace at home every day. I can only hope that some of it will help and I will begin to show some improvement. :cloud9:






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You are really busy. Lot of new docs. Sounds like you are going in the right ditection. Let me know the HBOT goes. I am interested in that.


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no wonder we don't hear from you. you are quite busy lady. let ud know how all your new therapies goes & see any improvements.




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Isn't it funny how some doctors can get things done where others can't or won't? Take care of yourself and it is a good thing you are younger having your stroke. Some doctors said to my face, "because of my age they don't recommend certain procedures."

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