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HBOT is working



it looks like HBOT is start to work some. :Clap-Hands: I have more movement in my face on the effected side now after 4 treatments. My sister noticed it during dinner. she was sitting across from me and said that as I was eating my face was moving more. so after dinner I tried smiling and my smile was more normal too. a lot more normal. :big_grin: There has been a big change in one week, after the 4 treatments, I can't wait to see the changes after 40 treatments. :bouncing_off_wall:


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That's great in just 4 treatments, maybe you "got the right one baby." I hope you don't have to pay too much for 40 treatments?? I couldn't afford it! I'm pulling for you though and it helps with you being a younger person.


I can't get my hair to grow so I know more brain cells don't have much chance at my age now. I think those that were half dead when I had my brain bleed have since died. "Just kidding."


You'll be back to bowling soon! :D

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