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Not much happening here

doreen payne


yesterday I helped with Operation Christmas Child. There's a link.


About OCC


Operation Christmas Child is a unique project of Samaritan


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I have found that volunteering has helped me tremendously, too. When you are with others and sharing a common goal, it's healthy and fun.


I think it's great you are volunteering.

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That sounds like a wonderful project and one very worthwhile getting involved in.

It's great you are giving of yourself to make such a nice difference to children.


Maria :friends:

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Doreen: I think it's wonderful that you are volunteering and it's such a wonderful cause. Since my stroke I have chronic fatigue but there is still something I can do from home in between dr appts, exercise and naps. I'm going to google OCC and see if there are any opportunities. I know money is always welcome. I give to a lot of our local centers for women, children and other in crisis. It always makes me feel good even if I can't be there in person any more. leah

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