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my friend

doreen payne


Rosemary didn't turn up or call or anything. I tried ringing but no one answered. I don't know what happened. I'm peeved though.

Jan (my other friend) lives in Trundle and her doctor thinks she's going to have a stroke or heart attack. She's worried and so am I. she's on medication now. It started with her arm going numb all the time. Jan has to have more tests, etc.


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Doreen, it is tough when friends let you down without an explanation, it happens to me from time to time too. I guess when we don't have a lot of good friends it seems even worse when someone appears to have abandoned us. Usually there is an explanation eventually.


Do you go on any regular outings? I am not sure what would be available in Forbes in the way of community activities, but it helps if you can get out occassionally, lunches, dinners, bus trips, whatever is available (and affordable) locally. We have Survivor lunches for the women who are stroke survivors in our stroke support group once a month in one of the local cafes and women caregivers and women survivors together get a weekend away coming up in four weeks time. I'm going, they are great fun.



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I am praying that your friend is ok & there is reasonable explanation of her not showing up for your appointment. maybe there was emergency at the home front.




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thanks for replying Sue and Asha. Hopefully all is well at Rosemary's house. I've calmed down thank goodness. I was disappointed that's all.

Sue, there is nothing much in the way of outings, etc. I go to church, exercises 3 times a week grocery shopping on Thursdays and that's about it. there's no stroke support group near Forbes. they had one at Orange but I can't get there.

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