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not very happy

doreen payne


everything is going wrong at the moment.

my mom has the shits with me for some reason. she started being feral yesterday and today she more feral. I don't know why I'm in trouble again. this happens every few weeks lately.

mom is fine with everyone else but me.

mom told me that my friend is going to laugh at me and not help me, I'm a bad mother, etc, etc.

my friend is taking me shopping today as mom normally does it with me.

I guess no exercises tomorrow either. my mom seems to hate me at the moment.



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your mom will come around though you still need to look at your behaviour why is she angry with you, is something you can improve in you to make her happy. I am sorry if I offended you, this was my way of helping. family do fight with each other but they do come around & make up. I will pray for your reconcilation. I am sure your mom has some underneath issues which is bothering her & she is taking out on you.




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I apologized to mom. You didn't offend me. she needs her knees done (both of them) and she refuses to do it. I need help with Lily and she's sick of helping I think. I try not go places unnecessarily and stuff.

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