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The blog title refers to whatever my fingers type out. I can't decide what I want to blog about right now. My feelings? My thoughts? Ah ha got it! I think I may blog about biker types in reply to a question someone asked in their blog a day or so ago. Or I may just blog about the types of guys in general.


Biker types: Whats the attraction? None really, it is more of a joke between Cinder and I. But biker type guys live on a different side of life..... a short walk on the wild side. As I am all for jaunts on the wild side, I think they represent a type of freedom from strict social codes, more of a snow day from the average boring daily grind of life, plus many of them don't give a hoot what others may think of them....they like to party and letting ones hair down is mandatory, mostly anything goes, but too many of them aren't upstanding stable guys that a female can depend on emotionally.


Intellectual types: Now this is a type of guy that now fascinates me. Post stroke, I've found out that I enjoy talking about many topics that I never knew I had any definite opinions on pre stroke. Philosphy, the Mona Lisa, politics, death penalty, religion, christianity, abortion and socialist concepts and books, and zen. I also enjoy a good debate every now and then and using ones mind to think, to beat the opponent in a debate is a heady feeling.


Jock Types: Nope nothing attracts me to this type anymore, not the physical fitness of their bodies, I've found that there aren't many brain cells that they are playing with. I married this type and never have use for it again.Vicki, he is all yours! lol_2.gif Now this type is usually considered loyal, but so is a dog. It is more or less laziness on their part. A good analogy is, like new leather mitt that gets broken in and fits perfect.... well when they break in the woman in their life, they can't be bothered to go look for a new one.

Now this is all tongue in cheek, don't take offense. Besides it's my blog.........


Stroke Survivor type: Well I will leave my thoughts on this blank...........



In the alcove of the bay window I have in my place, I was thinking of putting my table in there. It is a small round one, get a Hibiscus plant and maybe a palm or fern, Put a curtian on a spring rod across the entrance and have a cute little dining nook. I can even eat by candlelight, I think it sounds cool.

Lets see I need to buy:



toggles for my shoes

coffee filters

bathroom stuff...

Pot holders

bath mat

garbage pails

oops sorry, my shopping list doesn't belong in here, but it keeps rattling around in my head, so maybe the chattering will stop now.I feel better, in control, I know what direction I'm facing now, I knew I didn't have a specific blog in mind..... but I did an eccletic entry.




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Your nook sounds cozy and inviting. Can you open the window so to have a quick smoke? Or even a slow smoke?

A different name for your biker guy is BAD BOY.

How can we create the perfect man...a combination of the bad boy, intellectual and muscle man?

Women have been trying for centuries and we just need to realize they are too mean spirited to be "molded for their own good." bop.gif


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thanks for clarifying the "biker type " attraction for me pam!!!.


i want an intellectual man over ANY OTHER TYPE!!!!!!!





kim beer.gif

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I think I would like to get ideas from you in decorating house, I am thinking about gardening on the deck, but don't know from where to begin. yo describe yor alcove so precisely that I would want to come there and have smoke there, even when I dion;t even smoke



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well im not either one of those types u described pam

but i do like to read ur blog daily

i find it exciting

ty for sharing break out those spandex babe beer.gif

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