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LIfe is funny but sometimes not so ha ha



In God's big plan, why does he see that some survive strokes other do not. It is not just strokes. It's car accidents, heart attacks, Cancer, gunshots, In quiet times my thoughts wonder, why me? Could have just as easily been me that was in the thirty percent that does not survive. When I am at my worst, I scream in my head for an answer only he can answer. "Why did you not take me home then?" I know "When it is your time." is the answer. I guess I was not ready yet. I am grateful for a life being so blessed with love and Grace that words tend to escape me. So many times growing to where I am now, this life should have been done, but somehow I was held, grabbed, lifted, pushed, fell, or in some other way protected, whatever needed to be done. I cannot list the times I had protection when it was needed. I am not alone, but for those of us who recognize it, how do you come to grips with how much you are loved? Are we all blessed and only some realize they are blessed? I am overwhelmed by what some folks have overcome to get where they are today. I don't know where some people muster the gusto to go forward. I know we play the hands we are dealt. Sometimes it's way too easy, othertimes seems way too hard. That's life.


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hey Micheal:


your blogs always lifts me up if ever I feel bad surviving the stroke. your blog reminded me of my blessings in life.






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This is a good thought provoking blog. It caused me to ponder about it which is a good thing.


I stroked in April of '07 and then was just diagnosed with breast cancer on 10/1. I'm not angry but I am definitely a bit scared. I have so much to live and recover for that I hope after surgery, radiation and chemo that the cancer does not return.


Enjoy your blogs, Michael.

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how do you come to grips with how much you are loved? Are we all blessed and only some realize they are blessed?


Yes, I believe that we are all blessed. Yet, only some realize that they are. Some say coincidence, luck. But, a blessing is what it is.


Yes, I did enjoy your blog.



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just this morning I was consoloing my son who was whining about not having as exciting a weekend as he would have liked. as papa is away for a longer trip than usual.

I was trying to get him to see hoe grateful he should be for all he does have- a loving family, youth, good health, caring friends, a nice home, etc. All he could obsess about is his broken nintendo ds.

Youth is so wonderful.its a pity they waste it on the young!

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