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Well am I ever happily embarrassed!. The report I wrote on my last blog about my friend Mike was premature! I had gotten bad info, made an assumption, all proved to not be true. I got a call from Mike a week ago, just about knocked me over, and it turns out he was incommunicado for a time, and those that were supposd to let me know did not. Anyway, he is in the rehab hospital that we originally met in, says he should be back home in the near future, and is expected to recover almost fully. Not a happy camper, but it sure was good to hear from him.


Lesley is working part time in New Zealand as an RN, but is learning some lessons about life she really didn't want to learn. During her absence the grand gilrs have begun to grow up, are now living a busy life, piano, soccer, drama, etc, etc, and don't have the time to spend with her she expected them to. We have always wanted our divorced son Stefan to find someone to help him raise the girls and spend his life with. Well, guess what, Stefan has found a lady also divorced with two girls about the same age as his, and they all get along famously. The result? The two nanna's (mum and Lesley) are not as needed as they used to be, and see a lot less of the family. Good for the family, but not so good for Lesley and mum. It sort of brings out the truth to the old saying "be careful what you wish for, you might just get it". The result is that mum is talking about coming back with Lesley to stay with us, as she realizes that once Lesley leaves, she will be lonely. We'll see how that all works out over the winter. Much to be done if that is to happen.


Here back in Minnesota, I have pretty much got everything ready for winter around here. The ATV is ready for plowing snow, which has already made small appearances. I plan to do some serious ice fishing this year and have already gotten the winter parkas and such out. Just waiting for the lakes to freeze, probably about six weeks away yet.


Seems funny not having bread to bake now, we had a super successful summer what with making about sixty loaves of bread, 20 pies, and thirty scones every week, plus having 20 to 40 people over for outdoor pizza parties. I have already cut up, split, and stacked the wood we will need for next year.


The honeydo list is still there, but waiting mostly till I feel motivated to do it. Finishing the ceiling tile in the basement is the major remaining project, but my left (stroke side) shoulder has been giving me some problems, and the thought of working over my head on a ladder does not appeal at the moment.


Living as a batchelor has taken a bit of getting used to Eating has been a bit of a challenge, but I have developed a "heat and eat" strategy. I reach into the freezer, grab something, if it fits into the microwave, I just keep pushing number one until it is done and then eat. I have lost a few pounds doing this, and that is not a bad thing!


I did talk to the doc about cutting some meds because I bleed and bruise so easily with the plavix. We did agree to eliminate the fish oil and motrin as they both thin the blood, but she would not budge on the plavix for now. The reason for my stroke was never diagnosed, but I now have a pretty good idea what caused it, but this entry has gone on long enough, so I'll save that thought for another day during the winter inbetween ice fishing days.


Bye for now, all


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It's great to hear you friend Mike is and will be ok. Depending on other people passing info is always a chance of what happened to you.

I had shoulder pain. My doctor said that is a common problem he sees in stroke patients. He took an xray and found

ball of the socket was ajar. I'd get it checked out by a doctor.

I'm on Plavix and fish oil. Plavix good for keeping my platelets from sticking together, and fish oil as a powerful anti-inflammatory along as lowering my HDL. These are the benefits I agree in taking them. I bleed and bruise easily also but to me that is minor.

Kudos for you to brave the cold and go ice fishing again. Keep your extremities warm and moving.

Sounds like you are keeping yourself motivated While Lesley is away.

The winter is already set into motion up in Minn. but keep in the back of your mind the good times you shared with

your fiends this past summer. remembertolaugh,


jenniebean :Good-Post: :Good-Post:

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hey George:


I am so happy about your friend Mike. your friend is going to live long & happy life due to your goofup. so you can feel good about your goof up now. wishing you well in your ice-fishing trips.




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