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Tornado weather today



Yes, I live in the part of the u.s. where Tornado's are a seasonal part of life. We are having very unstable weather today. I think it is fun and exciting. Now I don't think it is fun when you are taking shelter for hours at a time until the tornado sirens go off. But watching the unstable weather is like watching a movie to see how it will all turn out. Or maybe this is a sign that I have been staying home too much, the longer I go without a job, and stay home, the more weird, and retired I act. I even have purchased post stroke a NOAA weather radio,why? I guess the weather is my new hobby, cry, cry. WE had a thunder storm this morning, and I absolutely love to wake up to a storm and close my eyes knowing I can sleep until I wake up. My dog is a big baby to thunder/lightning, and she will run through the house and try to find me so she can get some sympathy. My daughter usually ends up sleeping on the floor to comfort her, since Daddy will not let her get in the bed any more.

I hope some of our weekend weather is salvageable, b/c our town in having its big annual Toad Suck days. You can buy anything imaginable to eat on a stick. Some of the things sound gross, like fried twinkies, fried oreos. The only thing remotely healthy is a frozen choc. dipped bananna. I didn't have my stroke due to heart plumbing prob., but I stay away from fried foods, like I did, b/c I don't want to clog up my arteries. I hope the weather gives us a chance to go, b/c I would like daughter to race a toad in the toad race.

Enjoy your weekend.



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