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Shooting Range



My hubby got a new pistol the other day , and living in the city we had to go out to the Game and fishing Wildlife Shooting range to shoot it. I shot it once. It didn't kick back like his g-ma's revolver did when I shot that. I am scared of guns, looking at it makes me develop a cold sweat. And of course, we take all safety precautions with a child in the house.

He would like to get his concealed weapons license. My old co-worker had his. I don't understand that testosterone stuff, only the estrogen stuff, make-up,hair.

Our daughter can now dead-lift the weight of her body. Our garage is a weight room/storage building. The last time hubby got me out there to "work out" I ended up hurt and on the couch for a few days. I just pushed myself to hard to make him proud of me. I do like going out there and doing squats, with his help ofcourse.

Laundry is calling me, better do something domestic, so my family can have some clean clothes to wear, coffee 's kicked in.

Enjoy your Friday



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