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movement and hope



over the weekend I stared to see a very very very little movement in my left index finger with the help on the Botox it is over coming the tone a little. :happydance: The movement is so small that you would miss it if you were not watching for it, but it is there. That means the signal is getting through to the hand and the index finger, but the muscle is just too weak, so maybe the signal is getting through to the other fingers as well. It fills me with hope that one day I will use my hand again. :cloud9:


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sheryl, that is wonderful news, it will get stronger with hard work and repetition. so keep working on it and i bet you will get better results as time passes.

botox is starting to become a great treatment for survivors in stroke recovery. i agree with you, there is always hope, so never give up. i wish you all the best. keep us updated on your progress.

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I think that is wonderful news as well. My fingers were the last thing to get moving for me. Your on your way. Keep up the good work.



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