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Busy Time



I have three HBOT treatments left and then I am done with my 40 treatments it has helped some, so I would say it was worth the money. After the first of the year I plan on going back to HBOT for one Day a week for a few more months to see if we can get more from it. My PCP thinks the HBOT is helping, so do my therapists. Cardio and Nero say it's not hurting anything, so as long as I can find the money I am going to do it. :Clap-Hands:


Having trouble with my good knee now. 15+ years ago I was told I have Bone rubbing on bone and at that time there was nothing they could do for me. I was too young for a knee replacement. I was told to just baby the knee and I did, until I had the stoke that is now that leg is the one that has to be the strong leg. Well it can't do it hurts all the time now so they are sending me to Ortho, to see about a gel that can be injected into the knee now to help with this type of a problem. I hope they can make it feel better, because I am not able to do my exercises like I should so my left leg is getting weaker now that I am not using it ( I can't win). :(


I am still losing weight and the doctors are getting worried, the rate is increasing too. I was 159 pounds before the stroke and now I am 110 pounds. They and still running tests, but not finding anything. :uhm:




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Good for you and it's a good thing your doctors agree. Both my knees have stop being knees, I have to really choose where I sit otherwise I can not stand back up by myself. A regular height seat is a no-no.

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