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A moment to breathe



I made a list of meds and blood pressure readings to bring to the rehab doc tomorrow. We have a visit with him for Tues. So I thought why not ask him about the blood pressure readings and the clinical trial. I will keep you posted. Yesterday the bp was good expect in the AM. For some reason the AM reading is usually a bit high.


William is slowly learning how to use the control for direct TV. Yes, we have too many channels. WE have decided to make a favorites file and limit our selection.


It is getting cooler in Texas. We are in the 60's. This means that we need to put on a jacket when going outside and long pants. I cannot imagine having to bundle up in cold weather. Shorts and t-shirts and sandles are so much easier.


I will have William practice with the electric wheelchcair today. He is so happy to have it. Yet, we have not used it very much yet.


Well, I will be waking William up to go to the pool. Let's hear him grumble.






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