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My husbands stroke




this is my first post on my blog. I was advised it is a good way to help me deal with what is happening to me and my husband. I am always on the verge of tears even when everything is fine. well at least not getting worse.


My husband got a stroke of a bleed in the left temporal lobe. they did not operate but let the blood slowly absorb in the body. He was at NYU for 18 days. and now is at Kateri Rebah on 150 Riverside Drive in NYC on 87th street.


The rebah is not able to work with him when he is awake as they go home at 4;00 and he wakes up at 4l00pm. he is half asleep when they take him to rehab at 2 and 3 pm.


I don't know what to do about this... I will be able to get on medicade possibily Jan 1 and then i can take him home as in New York they provide 24/7 aids to help you.


I can't wait for him to come home.


the place makes loads of errors that I correct in time than goodness. but they are kind and nice and that is rare amoung aids and nurse in this area of the world.


They were going to leave my husband in the bed all day today. I called and asked them to get him up as a freind was visiting and then i called the nurse supervior to make sure they did get him up and He said who told you they were leaving him in bed. Obviously he was upset about it and didn't think it the thing that should be happening to him.. He has been up since 3;30 and it is now 8;30 so that is good. I was told in the hopsital to have him sitting up as long as possible.

We are sitting in his room now with the TV on. his nose is running and his arm is hot with a bump on it. either gout or arthiriti I think as it happend a few months ago when he was in another rehab recojperating from phenumemna.


He can talk but he doesn't only once in a while. the Nerologist said the bleed did not afftect the speech or motor areas and it may affect his emotions. he may get beligerent but he has not so far.


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hey Nancy:


welcome to wonderful world of blogging. I have found blogging very therupetic. I have worked through lot of my tears. I stroked at age 34 in 2004. I never encountered too much sleeping problem. Though I know for healing of the brain sleeping is a must. but equally must is a good therapy. Maybe you can make sure to wake him up hour earlier & make him sit in his chair watching TV so that he is more alert during his therapy. first 6-12 months you see good recovery later it slows down. so capitalize on therapy during this time will be important. Though I am not medical expert. doctors will know better.




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Thank you so much. I will ask them to scehulde him the very last patient. He will only be there 2 and a half more weeks so when he is at home I can do the therapy with him myself when he is awake and maybe will be able to scehule the pt and ot for a later time.

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