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december 17th oh my god.. what next



I am soo uposet about to burst.. the Head of PT said they are stopping his ot and pt on tueaday and I whould look at this is all he is going to be or do,

i said he is sleeping It was told to me it was normal to sleep and he said he never saw it ..


I said well my neruologist said it was normal and he said he never did and he can stay till jan 1 as he has a peg tube and they can do range of motion but no more restorative therapy..



I said welll can we see what he does today and tomoorow and monday? he said yes. they were getting him up at 1;00 for his 4 oclock therapy. so today since I am here i will make sure they get him up at 3;45.



then he said that he thinks even if he is up he can't do therapy. I said well that is abother thing. can we see if that is so?


maybe they are right that when he is awake he can't but that is an unknown as he has never been awake to see,


SO upset about this. don't now what to do or who to call



My psyciartrist I called prior to this and he said there are things to do to prevent his knee contractions and I told the head pt to call him and find out what they are and he said he would.


I told the head pt Neil Thayer , that the OT worked in Mt Sinai in their stroke unit and said it is very normal for him to be sleeping like he is and he just said he doens't think so and he never saw it.


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