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a better day



Although the rehab didn't schedule a ortho apt for my husband wrist which was red hot and swollen . I made sure it was begun today. They are going to exray it first. the day went pretty good. When I got tot he rehab and saw my husband he was wide awake and alert and I was told they were chaning rehab people to one who stayed later so he would be awake when rehab was. then we went to the solarium on the top floor of the rehab . Its a beautfuik room with glass ceiling overlooking the hudson river. on the top floor about 17 floors up.


it was nice there and my hsuangd liked it there were very nice people there who talked to him and me and then he asked about our dog Sabrina. I told him she died four months ago.. and showed him her picture when she was in the hospital and dead. I started to cry and had to go to the batrroom. I came back and he looked sad but not crying or anything.


I brought him down to his room at 8 and they were mad at me for not coming sooner. but every time I asked him if he wanted to go to his room he said no. they said I got his feeding all off as he is on a feeding tube going about 20 hours a day.


I feel fine now. for some reason I feel good. well no reason to question it. just happy that i'm not crying and nervous and scared.




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hey Nancy:


I m glad you are feeling better today. Sometimes in life we don't have control over lot of things but we do have control over our reaction to the event. in my stroke journey I have realized happiness is a choice & I choose to be happy in all circumstances.




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Thank you I will remember that today .. remember it is my choice to be happy. I just found out from the rehab that they have changed his therapists to other ones who stay later. so he will be getting ot at 4 and pt at 4;30 when he is awake. such good news.


I also spoke to the Dr today and asked aobut his wrist and she said it would be 72 hours before the ortho dr came and tonight for the x ray. which had to be done before the ortho dr came. and she said she would look at his *beep* to see how it was as I told her it was all red and it wasn't when he arrived. and... I followed up and asked the desk to tell her to remind her she was going to order somehting for his legs to prevent something that occurs when you are sedentary. (clots ?)


So like the guide said you have a lot of time now and when he comes home I won't. so I am using that time to take it easy and take care of myself. I just took my vitamins for the first time in a month and made a cup of tea and ordreed food to be delivered for me to eat for tomorow. I called my md and asked for a psy appointment as I needed help during this period.


taking steps to take care of myself is a good sign, now I need to get up the energy to go to the gym .. which is only 5 minutes away. but I can't seem to do it yet.

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I just got back from going to a therapist. She said to breath and think of something peacfull. I think just going was a step in the right direction. I bought food on the way home and took my vitamins. all things I had not been doing. She said it was ok to cry and when I said I shouldn't be she said no you should its ok. I felt since things are going in the right direction why was I crying all the time. and she said you have reason to cry even if they are going ok now. so I'll see her agin next week. she said to look into some no medical things for calming like st johns wort

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This is one of the hardest periods of you stroke experience. The hospital experience. I found it to be a horrendous trial. You have to learn the routines of the nurses and docs and therapists and social workers and case workers and cleaners and meal deliverers and transporters. It is a world unto it self. Just try to learn as much as possible from everybody while you are there. When you get home ...you will need to know how to take care of your husband. Home is hard but so much nicer.

There is no place like home.

Good luck.


My husbands stroke was 12-13-08. We were in the hospital for 2 months. Spent the holidays there last year.


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Thank you for your reply... we are in the subacute rehab. we were in the hospital for 18 days. have been here for two weeks and tomroow will have 2 more weeks before we go home. I have to wait till Jan1.

Last night when I visited I found his right knee to be swollen and they said today they would exray it and have the ortho dr look at it. the med doc said it was arthritus. she also said he had contractures in his knees. that they were bent and i freeked out and said can't you place them straight? she said yes but not all the time. I went into his room and immediatly put his legs straight. at first he screemed but I did it little by little and now they are amost straight . he is laying on his back sleeping. I called my psyciatrist the pt dr. to see what he says. I can see that they are not gong to straighen his legs so I might have to be here more often now to make sure his legs are not bent... he always had a problem with strengtening his legs so he needs them to pay attention to strengenthen them while he is sleeping.


I kept my drs apt for my yearly derm apt today... and cried when i went to give my name and then when i was in the exam room. the dr was nice and understood. but its soo hard dealing with my crying. I went over to the rehab after my apt and now I am sitting next to him while he is asleep. I opened his diaper so he wouldn't get a rash. and suctioned his mouth of flem. he is peacefully sleeping so all is well for the time being.


I gave the soical worker two home care agencies visiting nurse and montifiour home care as the montifour home care person told me to apply to a few and see who gives you the best and most services..


i'm counting the days till we go home.. jan 1 is a friday so tomrorrow it will be two weeks....15 nights

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