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Merry Christmas



A Big Merry Christmas to everyone. As we approach the 5th annaversary of Dick's stroke, I am so thankful for the successes we have had.


Dick has done well enough for me to venture taking a trip with him. We are spending this holiday season on the beach in Alabama. We left all the snow behind and are enjoying our white (sand) Christmas were it is warmer. It is a bit of a victory celebration. Even this summer I did not believe I would be able to take Dick on a vacation again. However, with a lot of pre-planning we even handled flying without incident. We have rented a condo with parking on the first level and elevators. Everything is wheelchair friendly and Dick is able to walk around on the single level of our unit.


As of January 2, it will be five years since Dick's stroke. Improvements still happen. Discouragement is a daily visitor but these milestones encourage us of all the good that we still have.


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What a remarkable year you have had...Dick's dementia improving. I am happy you are able to enjoy a vacation (and snow free). Let's hope all continues through 2010. My best wishes.

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