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I am getting tired of the pool



I woke william up at 5:30AM. I have been having to get to work early. But, today I have a late schedule. William's' blood


pressure was great this morning. WE just had his meds adjusted again. Added norvasc 10mg to the morning regimen.


He takes digoxin, norvasc, zoloft, folbic, baby asa, coreg 25mg, calcium, multi vit, vit d, fish oil in the morning. this is


given with yogurt and orange juice. Well, he went back to bed. I couldn't persuade him to go to the pool so early in the


morning. I have been taking the BP readings 4 times a day. It seems that we are finally getting in the normal range.


Close to 120/80 most times. This has just taken a year to get it together. I need to call the MD and get the results of


lab work that we had last Thursday. They need to be faxed to the cardiologist. His primary care ordered them. I need to


call TIRR regarding the clinical study. It looks like next week will be the start date. I need to call Kathy from second


family to try to coordinate a date that she can come over this week. Second family is an organization from church that


tries to help caregivers get an hour or 2 of respite. But, it has been difficult to schedule. Between their busy schedule and


mine...I have had a difficult time getting them here to help. I have noticed that William's hand and arm are getting much


tighter. I cannot wait to have the botox in the arm and leg and toes.


Well, I will try to get William up for a 9AM pool excursion.

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hey ruth:


wow you are doing great job of keeping williams BP in check, better than nurse. more power to you. I hope you had pool therapy in later part of the day. I am not a morning person so 5:30 seems ungoldly hour to me.




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