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Lokomat clinical study



Yes, William got into the Lokomat part of the clinical study. I am glad. Really glad. It hopefully will not take as much


concentration as regular PT. You are strapped into a robotic device on a treadmill. So,,,you will have to walk on the tread


mill for 45-60 minutes. I figure that it will probably take at least 15 minutes to get strapped into the lokomat.


Now, they are just trying to find a time slot for William. Possibly it will start this Thurs. Or else it will be next Tues.


I shall keep you posted.


I took William to our old square dance club to visit. He was excited.


We celebrated by having a Wendy's chocolate shake.


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Congratulations to you both.locomative treadmill is will be very helpful. I initially started with just few minutes but it gave me enough confidence &we bought treadmill at home. I use to walk at 1.0 mile per hour. I did treadmill therapy on my own at homeand today I can walk 4 miles/hr. keep on pushing the envelope.



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