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some positives



Time to feed some positives into my blog. So here are some good things about my life.


Trev came over yesterday and steam cleaned the carpets. He is busy with his new little family so I don


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Sue, I'm glad you had some positives for a good change the way things were going lately. I'm proud of you as a caregiver with your hands full for this many years.


You are one very strong woman, I don't see how you do what you do. God is with you and Ray and your mum.


Take care lady, I pray for your health and strength nightly. I know what a job you do daily. Honestly, I don't think my wife could hold up as you have for so long.

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Sue, So nice to hear of the good things that are happening. They say that negatives outweigh positives 5 to 1 so we need to be sure to catch all the positives.


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I was so happy to read all positives in your life. I am firm believer in focusing on all positives in my life because based on secret of the universe is what you focus more on that's what you get more. wishing you many more positives in your life and congratulations in becoming LION




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