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Today is day 14 of the Lokomat



I get William up at 7AM for morning meds. My agenda includes walking from the bed to the kitchen table. That is 25 Feet. I had to measure. They ask that question at therapy. We had a bowl of cold cereal and some yogurt. Next 15 min on the electric bike machine. William wants to go to bed. But, I insist that we need to take a shower. I have warmed up the house and I want to give him a shower.

William complains and doesn't want a shower. I insist. INto the shower he goes. I promise William that he can go to sleep after the shower and he will sleep like a baby. The exercise and shower have worn him out.

He will leave at 2PM for his 14 day of Lokomat work.

He gets 30 min of walking on the treadmill. It takes 20-25 min. to get strapped into the machine.

I will be at work when he comes home. But, a caregiver will be here and will be able to fix him dinner.

We did attend a strokesupport group at TIRR before our lokomat workout. Timing was perfect.

The topic was drop shoulder, This is different than should subluxatioin. The website www.getbodysmart.com

Was very interesting. I need to use that so that I can figure out where to attach the e-stem electrodes .


William is snoozing and I need to make up the caretakers list.





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