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valentines day



Having a good valentines day. Christy came by and she is coming back by after she goes to the movies with yvette. Rene gave me a beautiful bracelet for valentines day. I love it. It saays I love you and has hearts and is gold. Christy gave me a coffee mug that has hearts on it and a frog stuffed animal that says Be Mine on it. She is coming back after the movie. I gave her a card, I hope she likes it. I forgot to send Amys card to her so she will get it late. Talked to my mom. Started out with a headache but took 1 and a half pain pill and it has gone away. Rene and I went out to Olive Garden yesterday for valentines day. Got a bottle of wine and have some left to drink later.


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we also went Olive Garden yesterday, and had great time there. I am glad you are having great valentine's day today.




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