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dont know if it is my vasculitis or i am just in a bad mood today. hubby has really gotten on my nerves today. he really needs to get out of my hair and get a job. i think it is that we are always together, i get no break from him. i wish i could get a job but i cant because of my vasculitis, my dr says i cant work anymore. and the one i am married to says we need more money, but he wont get a damned job. it is good that he gets retirement and i have my money from disability, but he should get the job, or at least look for a job, as he says he needs. being on medicare helps my situation now, i think. i have to think on it to be sure of my next move.


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Maybe he just loves being close to you and you're at home! So the solution is, find stuff for him to do around the house where he doesn't need your supervision. You can inspect his work when he finishes the job.


On the other hand, you sound like the honeymoon is over? I suggest playing games for two people or get on your computer. I imagine the weather there is too bad to be driving around town shopping for bargains, huh? If not get in the car and go shop!

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Hi fking, yes the honeymoon is over. I just so need a break. We have only been married just over a year, we have known each other for years. If i could drive I would take off and drive around and not be so bored all the time, but the drs wont let me drive anymore. Maybe it is the weather getting me down, i cant wait till I can go for walks, it is just cold here. Myaybe i just need to see my daughter or talk to my mom. i am just tired of being miserable.

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hey Diana:


sorry about your boredom. try to read good books, try volunteering online or outside of the house which will get you out of the house and more interaction with people. BTW we have chat here on the site every day from 3-4 EST and 8-9EST. you should try to join & meet other members. we all need community around us to feel happy.




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