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RLT: all facilities must post the findings of all their inspections. This will tell you what the issues were and how they were resolved. This should have been posted near the entrance to the facility, but if you missed it, ask for it. In CT, they are also posted on-line in the same area that you found the star rating. Call up the facility on the state Web site and all the issues should be listed.

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Ruth, care homes are rated for a reason, here they have to pass accreditation. The reason I am wary of some is that size does matter in staff ratios, what they supply in PT, OT and other services like podiatry and hair dressing. Some contract all their services from outside, some use regular contractiors that come in weekly or fortnightly.


Look at what his TOTAl care needs are: what you do every day, every week, every month. See how these will be addressed at the new facility, if there are hidden costs etc. Remember you can't eat scenery! Compare this place with other places you can easily access, they should let you have an inspection as a potential client.


I waited eight extra months for where Mum is now because it had the facilities I wanted and a good reputation, quality trained staff and ongoing care (which means a resident goes from one level of care to another without additional payment). If they need a special bed etc the nursing home covers the cost and if they need a doctor after mid-night they call one. How a place handles emergencies, the death rate, any adverse reports on them etc is all to be taken into account.


Good luck with it all. I know you will do what is best for all.



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