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Biking again!!!!!



I am so happy like on Christmas morning. I rode my bike today. The day was sunny and warm. The snow has melted and most of the roads were dry. I didn't go far, but the thrill to be out and have some freedom again was uplifting. This is exactly what my mood needed. The winter blahs getting to me. My husband wasn't too happy about the idea, but agreed to it anyway (I thsnked him for stepping out of his comfort zone). I made sure I was home when I said I would be. I hope everyone gets out to enjoy spring. I think it is here. I hope for good, but in Minnesota you never know!


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Spring is renewal time and there's nothing better than a deep breath of fresh air. I hope your snow is gone. We here in Ohio had quite a long winter and it is especially gratifying to hear birds singing, frogs chirping, flowers blooming, and etc.


Keep on getting out as you are able. It makes such a huge difference.

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I am flad you went outdoors again. this year for the first time thanks to my ski mask and thermals if its not snowing I have gone out for a walk & it has done great job of keeping depression at bay.




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I believe you rith about spring turning the last corner. Georgia has been cold

this year, the other day while rainning it decided to hail, yes hail, the size of quarters. Take the ride and breath in that fresh air it's good for your brain, it will get the dust mites out. :lol:



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