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Trike is fixed!!!!!!!!!!!!!



My hubby fixed, hopefully, my trike today. He was sble to straighten the chain guard. He attached it. He wants me to wait until tomorrow to ride, so he is home if I have trouble. I am strongly wanting to go this afternoon. It is supposed to rain tomorrow evening. Don't know how much longer will have nice weather.


Other news: I have had 2 home OT therapy. We focused on doing laundry and cooking. I haven't heard back from her. I am guessing the insurance denied more therapy.I am waiting to hear. I am hoping she will call and we set more visits. I want some help right siding the laundry. How to determine clothes that look the same inside out and right side out. I also want to work more using the stovetop.


Well, I am going biking. I'll let you know if it is fixed.




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hey Beth:


I hope you had fun riding your bike. for doing laundry there is trick I learnt while taking out clothes from dryer. face your good side while taking clothes out from dryer, that way your affected side does not hinder bending down & pulling out clothes from dryer. I always take out clothes in basket & then push it with my leg to folding area where I can sit & fold laundry.

for cooking : for my cutting board I use plastic piece on top of my cutting board which after my chopping I can pick it up with 1 hand & can put it in pan. for my indian cooking I use stovetop mostly.




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