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trying to post again!!!



Well, I bought a trike in May. It has been wonderful. I have been going all over my town. I even go shopping with it. Did all the back-to-school shopping riding bike. Two of my kids love it! My middle child doesn't want to be seen with me on my trike, she is embarrassed. I try to ride everyday, even if just to local gas station for a soda and treat. I have lost 5 pounds and feeling much better. Getting out helps my depression and the exercise has helped my balance and energy level. I am not looking forward to the winter. What will I do then? Please help me brainstorm some ideas to get out of the house safely without having to call for a ride from friends. I have been asking for rides so much that I feel guilty.


Yesterday I broke my bike. My shoelace got caught in the chain. I was able to pull it out, but broke the chain guard off part way. Called the hubby to bring a screwdriver to just remove it cxompletely. I really bent the guard and can't get it back on. I am afraid to ride without the guard on. I had trouble when my shoelace was stuck the first time. I was lucky not to fall. Don't want to try again might not be so lucky. I am thankful this didn't happen during the summer or fall. I can wait to fix it until spring, but now what to do?




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Beth, it is good to see you posting again. I had wondered about you.


Wow! I don't have any suggestions for getting out during the upcoming winter. I know it can be very depressing.


I am hopeful others can provide some suggestions.


The trike seems to have worked out well. Good for you! It is my hope you will be able to get it fixed and ride once again next Spring.



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It's great you hat your self in the groove with riding your trike. You live were once it starts snowing their are no

real breaks until spring but how about getting the trike fixed and if you have a garage you can ride it in their for

the winter. How about exercise

If this link doesn't work just Google chair exercise.I don't know your deficits but I believe you can keep a routine

exercise in your life. Stair climbing if you have stairs. Beth I am mentioning all this is really selfish on my part to

remind me I need to keep moving even turing the winter months.


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