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I am an addict



My name is Janice and I'm a facebook addict.

There, that's the first step...admitting I'm adicted, it's time to come back to strokeboard and help others with my experience and allow me to get back in touch with where I've come from.

I just answered a post by a new caregiver to his father. Maybe I was too harsh on him, but it got my dander up by his whining about the smell and nastyness of having to wipe his father's butt. Has he never changed a baby's diaper? Any mother will attest that poopy diapers are nasty, but you have to put aside your own revulsion and think about how you're helping your child or parent as it may be. It's possible my answer will be deleted once the powers that be see my answer. I do know that my stroke has left me with an impaired sense of how far to go without going overboard( or something like that). It is not my intention to 'rail' on someone, but it really hit me the wrong way(ruffled my feathers).


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Janice, nothing much has changed since you went away. We all come on here and start out venting about what life has done to us, how unfair life is etc and then gradually we come to terms with all that with the help and support of others and work towards acceptance.


I have been on this board going on for five years, looking after Ray ten years and much of our life together is same ol', same ol'. But when things speed up and become dramatic I look for support and start the cycle all over again.


I find with Ray it is not the butt wiping, it is the whole clean up process, bedding, floor, walls, whatever he has been in contact with. He makes much more mess when he is being good and trying to clean up and can't see what my problem is! So much of my stress comes from that. He is not baby sized, nor will he grow out of it so it is a cause of frustration for me.


But I do it as that is part of a caring relationship. Guess only those of us who do it know what it is really like eh?


Welcome back.



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Hi, Janice

I, too, got a little addicted to Facebook and am edging off. It's been mostly since I was diagnosed with cancer and going through surgeries, doctor appts., blood work, tests and etc. While I was able to watch our grandson, I wasn't able to get out and volunteer as much and some days it was just difficult to get out of bed right after chemo. I reconnected with so many friends, former classmates, colleagues, and etc. Fortunately, I didn't play any of the games or get hooked on them.


I am glad to see your posting...I had planned this week to begin weaning off since chemo was over last week. As soon as I get my strength back, I'll be out in the yard gardening and volunteering (thank goodness). I hope you are able to wean off, too.

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hi Janice:


welcome back some of us oldies are still here giving and receiving support in return. I still remember your comforting words on my venting post. life does go on post stroke though bit differently than I had anticipated.




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