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never had a tooth pulled



I'm having a tooth pulled tomorrow and I'm thinking I might puke all over the dentist. The thought of listening to roots ripping out makes me sick. If the tooth was loose I guess it wouldn't be so bad but it's in there like the rock of Gibraltar (sp?) I'm having three crowns, tooth pulled and a permanent bridge which I'll definately be glad when it's all over with. But I'm already feeling queezy at the thought of it. They said it will two hours worth of my mouth being tortured. Okay, so I added the torture part. Maybe I'll tell him he better just put me out or give me plenty of gas or there might be a mess to clean up.


I know that sounds gross but hey, the thoughts that are running through my head of him ripping and fighting to get the thing out is making me sick.

I hope it just pops right out. FAT CHANCE!!!!!!!! I wish I would have said something sooner so someone could tell me it's not that bad?!?!. I talked to a friend today that said they have an extractor to get it out whatever that is.


I know I'll be blogging again soon so I can hopefully tell myself it wasn't that bad. unsure.gif


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Just follow the three rules for going to a dentist.


1) Whatever they put in your mouth...swallow it.


2) After they pull the spit sucker out of your mouth, keep making the sounds. Hopefully they'll think you swallowed that too.


3) This works best if you dentist is the same gender....When they get down for those close inspections...kiss them on the lips.


Getting teeth pulled aint that bad. I have a genetic flaw, so all my teeth came in with no enamel. All my baby teeth had to be pulled, and my adult teeth are plastic coated. Unfortunatly plastic wears out faster than enamel, so I'm going through the pulling phase again. I'll have dentures before I'm 35 *sigh*.


And one last joke:


Aren't you glad dentist don't call to remind you of apointments.


"Good morning Mr. Jone's, remember we have an appointment today. Can you remember this sound from last time?" *drill heard in background*. "Remember that nerve we hit your last visit?" *drill going through tough material* "I'll see you at 2 Mr Jone's...hehehehe."




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I've had a few of my back teeth pulled due to eroding. One of them that I waited so long to get pulled, was almost flat. I thought it would take a lot to get it out, but it didn't. He just kept applying pressure and asking me if I felt anything, then it was out. It was a great relief. We build things up in our mind so much that when the time comes... You get the drift.


Hope it all goes quiet and quick for you.

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Michael and cinder,

Thanks for the advice this morning. I popped on quickly right before I left and am glad I did. I was giggling on the way this morning thinking about what you said Michael. Then when I got to the office and starting "thinking" too much I thought about what you said cinder and sort of got my feet back on the ground and straightened up. You know you have a way with that!! I vote you as Jean's assistant should she ever need one. biggrin.gif


Thanks again and I'll be blogging the whole experience later. beer.gif


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Just the fact that you can type is a good sign You go girl!



PS. Who said Jean needed an assistant? She is all knowing, I bow to her greatness. (Hi Jean)

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