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Very fortunate



I never realized until recently, after reading so much about people's struggles on the message board, how fortunate my husband and I have been regarding insurance and the benefits he received from his job. They paid the portion they always did as if he were still working regarding our health insurance for the 2 years after his termination and until Medicare kicks in which will be in July. I know we'll be paying a ton of money then. I just found out Medicare isn't free either. $78.00 per month for part B. Then comes the supplemental and mine. At least they can't turn us down since we've been on cobra which is also fortunate since I had cancer a couple of years ago and it's difficult to find someone to take me.


Oh yeah, we had opted to take the long term disability when it came time to review the benefits we had at the time. 6 months later is when he had the stroke. That sorta blows my mind!! I'm very thankful we've been able to live without the struggle for this long. I guess now is the time to figure out where to cut corners so to speak to come up with all the extra money we'll need.


Thankfully I've learned a lot just from being a part of this community.


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